The typical focal points of management and business consulting are diverse and subject to a more or less constant change. Since enterprises change, why shouldn’t the way companies are consulted change as well? Here are some things to keep in mind.

Business consulting topics to remember

The “classic” issues of the management consulting industry are:

  • Strategy consulting – Corporate, division or market strategy, growth strategies, competitive strategies and business model development, and so on
  • Organizational consulting – Organizational development, restructuring, turnaround times, and the like
  • Process consulting – Process optimization, process management, increase in efficiency, etc.
  • Leadership – Management models, corporate management, and management organization
  • All types of functional business consulting along the value chain – Marketing & sales, production, purchasing, supply chain, logistics, and finance

Consulting services in the field of information technology, HR consulting, tax consulting, engineering or even PR agency services, communication, and advertising are not among the classic topics of management and business consulting. However, the consulting market has recently changed significantly in response to the evolving needs of the consulting customers. Not only has the share of “classic” strategic advice declined sharply, but the growth of the consulting market has stalled as a result of the economic crisis. Because of this, management consultancies had to look for new growth areas.

Changes are going to occur

The effects of this change in the consulting industry are now more evident than ever: large management and strategy consultancies, accounting firms, and the “system integrators” are in the process of expanding their consulting services organically or, in many cases, acquiring smaller, specialized consulting firms. Auditors invest massively in the expansion of their consulting business in the field of management consulting, which strengthens their implementation and IT consulting expertise.

At the same time, however, this has led to the blurring of boundaries between traditional management or business consulting and other consulting services. Strategy and management consultancy without combination with IT consulting is hardly conceivable anymore. Strategy consulting is merged in the course of the digitization of the business world of the customers with creative agency services in the area of marketing and design. Conceptional management consulting without implementation competence is hardly in demand by customers. Call up David Johnson Cane Bay to learn more.

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