The pink storage company has revolutionized self-storage in the UK. It takes two minutes and a smart phone to request, pay, and have access to a storage unit. Once the payment is processed, which happens in seconds, an access code is text-ed to the phone, so people can get into their units immediately.

This is ideal for storing belongings to make room for holiday decorations and overnight guests. There is currently a promotion for residential customers at the Barry location. The rate is fifty-percent off for the first eight weeks of storage time.

Mobile Services

This service is being introduced to locations one by one. It is now available at the Barry location. People who do not have the time, or a truck, to bring items to the storage lot to be placed into a standard size unit can arrange for free delivery of a unit to the doorstep. Fill up the eight-feet by eight-feet unit and it will be taken to the lot for you. When the items are needed, simply place another call to the company and the unit will be delivered again.

A Few Differences

This service is a bit different than having access to a self-storage unit on the lot. The size is smaller than standard units which measure twenty-feet by eight-feet. The rate for mobile units is paid on a weekly basis instead of a monthly basis. While larger storage units have no minimum storage terms, mobile units have a short minimum of at least four weeks.

Other Services

In addition to regular and mobile storage, other services are offered for customer convenience. People who need the space of standard units but do not have a truck, or a friend with a truck, can arrange for van hire that includes a driver. The van will arrive at the location and you can load up belongings. Follow the van to the lot and unload items into the unit. Once that is done, drive to a living space that is completely uncluttered.

Mailboxes are available for rent at the storage lot. This is wonderful for people who buy or sell items online and do not want to give out their physical address. Letters and packages will be delivered there and customers can pick mail up during regular business hours.

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