Important Steps When in a Car Accident

Car wrecks happen when least expected, and they come with injuries and intense emotions. Those who are involved in a car accident need to keep several things in mind in order to take the best care of themselves and others in the moments and days after the crash. A Car wreck lawyer shares a few things to remember when involved in an accident: Stay Calm & Pull Over No matter

Your Day In Divorce Court: Homan Legal

Sometimes, things do not work out the way people thought they would. Maybe, that person did not get the job they wanted or the thing they were waiting for never came. The same is true with divorce. Divorce is not something people usually think about when getting married, but again, sometimes things do not work out the way the couple thought they would. If thinking or filing for divorce, is

What do the Different Homicide Charges Mean?

An arrested person accused of homicide must understand exactly what they’re being charged with and what the potential penalties might be. They also need to hire a lawyer to work on their defense or have the charges either lowered or dismissed. The potential charges they are facing include the following. First-Degree Murder First-degree murders are those that are intentional and where the person took the time to plan the murder.